Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yam Filling in Porridge Loaf

This is the ugliest but the softest loaf I ever baked :p

MIL steamed a lot of baby yams when we were home last night, we were too full to stuff in more yam after the heavy dinner.  Therefore, without wasting the baby yams, I brought it back and planned for baking a bread with yam.

I was thinking of what kind of bread to bake during the journey back, loaf or bun, mashed or cubed yam, original or sweet, all this questions were spinning in my head, but I still couldn't decide.  When we arrived at mum's place, I threw the questions to SIL and ta da... her answer was cubed and original flavor yam filling in a loaf.

I quickly searched for a tang zhong 汤种 loaf recipe at Carol's site (cos I wanna a soft loaf recipe), and I found this.  Hm... mum still had some sweet potato and rice porridge left after lunch, it'd be good for me to experiment this recipe :p

300g sweet potato and rice porridge, mashed
280g high protein flour
3/4 tsp instant yeast
1/4 tsp salt
20g sugar
50ml cold water
30g butter

Yam filling ingredients
250g steamed baby yam, skinned and cubed
1 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp salt

I accidentally added a bit too much water into the dough, thus it turned out very wet and tacky.  It was not rose nicely and properly as it was way too too too soft :(  Instead of rising high, it fell beside the loaf pan, resulting a very awful loaf :(

The holes grew too big for this loaf and the fillings were pushed or sinked to the bottom of the loaf.  Well, despite all the failure, it was no doubt the softest loaf I ever baked, we gobbled down almost half the loaf right after it was slightly cool off, really delicious!


eve said...

oo la bake! maybe u shd coat the cubed yam wif flour to try whether it helps to prevent the yam from sinking?

kel said...

Basically the yam sinked due to the dough (too soft & wet), don think the flour coating would help, but thanks for ur advice, Eve :)