Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Korilakkuma Inari-zushi Bento (368)

The making of this Korilakkuma inari-zushi was inspired by Anna The Red's Bento Factory, she has a very clear steps by steps pictorial on making Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma inari-zuzhi.

I was feeling bad of leaving little girl again, this round will be about 15 days, therefore gotta make something really cute to comfort her :p

Korilakkuma with 2 different expressions
Happy looking fish ball

Pretty looking fish ball

Cherry tomatoes and kiwifruit wedges

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sesame Seaweed Rice Balls (367)

Bento made before term break.

3 sesame seaweed rice balls, 2 cheese frank, 2 green grapes, 3 cherry tomatoes and some edamame

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Project at Phnom Penh

Hi, if u notice, I was absent for very long time, it was bcos I was out of the country for project, yup, my very 1st assignment after going back to the working life.

I was sent to Phnom Penh for my 1st project.  It was not an interesting project but more of patching works from other colleagues.  I was attached to work the moment I stepped into the hotel, and was not out from the hotel for 6 days!

Here are some photo I took from my room:

Threre is a fun fair opposite of the hotel, it reminded me of those my parent used to brought me during my childhood

A king bed in my room

Little girl have Pirate Daniel keeping me company while I was away from home

After hard working for 6 days, managed to sneak out for a late lunch with fellow colleagues, some souvenir shopping and dinner, out about 5 hours only.

Lunch at a restaurant near the famous river side

Had beef taco for lunch

Haven't seen 7-up in bottle for very long time

After lunch, 8 of us (with all my fellow colleagues) went to the Russian Market for some souvenir shopping.  It was a very hot day, we were almost melted by the sun.  Here are some of the souvenir I bought:

Fan for MIL
Turtle puzzle for little girl

Rabbit puzzle for nieces

Squirrel puzzle

Elephant puzzle for nephew Y

After a quick souvenir shopping and a drink at KFC, we rushed back to hotel as really couldn't tolerate with the heat anymore.  All of us return to room for an hour of rest and shower, then out again for our dinner, we went to a BBQ restaurant which is quite famous among the local.

One of my colleague was very fascinated by this dish when he read the menu - baby bee
I had a little bite, tasteless, don like it

Bbq beef

Fried chicken wings, small but delicious

and more dishes like, fried corn, bbq squids, grill fish, tom yam gong, kerabu salad, grill cockles....

The bills is not really expensive, after divided by 8, I paid like US8 only, which inclusive of jugs of beers hor :)

Were there for about 10 days, able to catch fresh air or got the sun only during the day out, most of the time, we were working from 9am til passed mid night most of the days, it was a extremely tiring project.