Monday, October 25, 2010

Baked Mantou Bento (294)

Waked up early this morning to bake this mantou (will have the recipe post up later), then continued with my house chaos fast before little girl waked up.  By the time she waked up, the mantou was ready and being cool off.  I had the bento ready with other stuffs in about 10 minutes.

Spring onion and fried garlic baked mantou

3 fish cakes

Some cucumber wedges and 3 skewers of hearts made of grapes

And a little container of ketchup & mayo


HK Choo said...

You are indeed very the grapes-heart as well :)

kel said...

Thanks, HK, my time in the morning really rush now since I decided on a part time job with my previous company. Super busy!

Anonymous said...

You do seems super-crazy-busy! How did you make the grape hearts? Was it cutting around the grape to make the shape? They look like they are just the right size.

kel said...

Hi, Stretching My Imagination, actually those grape hearts r very easy to make, I will post a pictorial guides up soon for you, :)