Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pasta with Bolognese Sauce Bento (296) and Grape Heart Making Pictorial

We didn't buy any bread this week, little girl didn't want me to bake either, thus ended up with the pasta again.

It was a quick bento, just cook the pasta, preheat the sauce, cut the grapes and pack into box, took approximately 15 minutes.

The very last batch of transport pasta with bolognese sauce

Apples wedges and grape hearts

Stretching My Imagination has asked me how to make the grape hearts, with the help of little girl, here are the grape heart making pictorial :)

1. Wash the grapes

2. Cut the grapes half slantingly

3. Turn one of the halve grape upside down, so that they are having the similar shapes at the same position

4. Join the cut part together to form a heart

5. Skewer with a food pick to hold the shape, done.


Stretching My Imagination said...

Thank you for the tutorial! I will definitely be making some grape hearts in the near future. :-) I really enjoy your posts.

kel said...

Thanks of ur sweet comment, it really cheer me up :)

HK Choo said...

Thanks for this tutorial...will try it when I stock up on some grapes. :)

kel said...

U r welcome, HK, happy trying :)

HK Choo said...

Tried the grape hearts yesterday using Autumn Royal species, terima kasih sekali lagi!

I was surprised dh can tell it was a heart coz I didn't tell him. :)

kel said...

Hahaha... glad u made it, HK.