Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Macaroni With Bolognese Sauce (282)

\ (^_^) /  This was exactly how little girl reacted when she saw her bento and lunch on the dining table this morning (she usually had her lunch at around 11am), "Yeah!  My favorite pasta!"

I didn't cook this sauce for quite a while, usually would keep the sauce in container and stored in freezer until I used all up.  Then would have to wait for my mood to kick in in order to cook it again :p

Used about 30 minutes or longer to prepare and cook the sauce, and less than 10 min to pack the bento.

Macaroni with bolognese sauce
(Oops... now only I realize that I left out the button mushroom :p )

Laici pudding and kiwifruit cubes

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