Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Rabbit Year Sandwich Bento (327)

As this would be the last bento b4 the CNY holiday, decided to make-do with another rabbit year theme bento.  I started early this morning, cooked an egg, molded the breads, fixed the sandwich, packed into bento box, and all ready within 10 minutes.

Happy rabbit year sandwich
(made of fried egg, cucumber and a dash of mayo)

Marshmallow and grapes

Happy CNY and wishes all of u having a prosperous & successful rabbit year!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Garlic & Egg Fried Rice Bento (326)

Had accumulated enough rice to cook the fried rice for our lunch and bento.  I like my fried rice with simple ingredients today, just garlic and egg.  Since little girl likes fried baby anchovies, I fried a handful for her to mix with the fried rice.

Bento was ready in 15 minutes

Garlic and egg fried rice top with fried baby anchovies and sliced cucumber

Marshmallow and grapes

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Leaf Pasta in Thick Mushroom Soup Bento (325)

Little girl requested this for her bento and lunch today, an easy task for me :p  Just cook the pasta, blanched the erygii mushroom and crab stick then mix all in the thick Campbell mushroom soup.

Bento preparation time took approximately 15 minutes.

Leaf pasta mixed with erygii mushroom and crab stick bits in thick mushroom soup

The very last batch of mushroom chicken franks and grapes

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bear-bear Chicken Rice Bento (324)

I cooked this 1 pot chicken & erygii mushroom rice last nite, purposely cook slightly more for our lunch & bento today, I turned lazy  :p

Bento was ready in merely 15 minutes.

Bear shaped onigiri

De-boned chicken and erygii mushroom

Marshmallows & grapes

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cheese Sausage & Cucumber Mantou (323)

We were out of bread this morning, found a pack of mantou in the freezer :)  Good for our breakfast and little girl's bento.

Bento was ready in about 12 minutes.

Cheese sausage and cucumber mantou

Additional cheese sausage & grapes

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bunnies with Funny Hats Bento (322)

Little girl has to goto school today as it is for the replacement of the CNY holiday.  I made her porridge for lunch and hence threw in a potato to cook along so that I able to make some mashed potatoes for her bento.

Apart from the cooking time, bento was ready in 15 minutes.

Mashed potato mixed with a piece of cheese and a dash of mayo, yum

2 cheesy alphabet nuggets

2 skewers of grape hearts

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sesame Seaweed & Multi-grain Rice Balls (321)

Little girl is going to school early today for her dancing class, thus this bento was prepared early and with limited time :p  Used less than 15 minutes to complete the bento.

4 sesame seaweed mixed with multi-grain rice balls

4 skewers of mushroom frankfurter, cucumber and crab stick kebabs

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Last Minutes Bento (320)

I told little girl to prepare her bento last nite as I have an early appointment again this morning, however, while I was having my breakfast, little girl waked up and told me to prepare her bento.  Thus, with very limited time, and fast forward x 2 speed, I gotta bento ready in less than 5 minutes, phew!

4 skewers of edamame
Marmite & butter sandwich

2 lobster balls and 6 grapes

When I was washing all the dishes and little girl's bento box after dinner, I found a chicken drumette bone left in the box,

Me:  Girl, why was there a chicken bone in your bento box?
LG:  Oh... my friend gave me the chicken
Me:  Hm...  so what did u give your friend for exchange?
LG:  I gave her 3 grapes
Me:  Did u ask for her chicken or she gave it to u?
LG:  She gave it to me, she said she don like it
Me:  Don like it?  Why, what kind of chicken was that?  Fried chicken or steamed chicken?
LG:  Steamed chicken
Me:  Ooh...  ur fav huh?!
LG:  Hehe...
Me:  Why don u give her the edamame?
LG:  No, she said she wanna change for the grapes only, so I gave her 3
Me:  Ok, what about the fish balls?
LG:  I quickly finished them  * laughing * b4 anyone see it
Me:  Hahaha.... u ah...
Hub:  Why, why did u finish them fast?
Me:  Bcos that was her super fav, right girl?
LG:  Ya!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday My Melody Bento (319)

I didn't make little girl bento yesterday, as I had an early appointment out.  I let little girl spent a nite at mum's place, b4 I left:

Me:  Girl, remember to make your own bento to school 2moro, ok?
LG:  Ok
Me:  You can make butter & marmite sandwich, asked po-po to cut the pei-pei (bread crust) for you
LG:  Ok, but I'll make 1 bread only
Me:  Huh... why so little, u'll b hungry later on
LG:  Hm...  Then I'll go get RM1 from daddy....  *  speeding off to get hold of hubby  *
Me:  .....

Sigh...  kids nowadays...  * shaking head *

Little girl had requested this theme for her bento today since last week, and kept reminding me & counting down the days :p

I didn't really plan for the bento, just find what ever ingredients I have on hand to make-do the bento in the morning.  Therefore, I took a long time and used about 45 min to prepare and pack it.

After looking at the photo, I found that I shouldn't use the pink color bento box, there was too much pink in the bento, which basically hiding My Melody away.  Will take note next time.

My Melody
Made of rice onigiri stuffed with pork floss and miso paste
Her hood was made of egg white sheet with a drop of pink coloring
(I overcooked the pink egg sheet, therefore the color was so uneven :p)

Assorted flowers and fruits
Yellow flower - yellow egg sheet and chicken frank
White flower - crab stick and pink egg sheet
Fruits - chicken frank & grapes

Edamame were used to fill the space around the bento

Last but not least, happy birthday to My Melody!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mayo Chicken Sandwich Bento (318)

Little girl went to school much earlier today, at about 9.45am, as she wanna join the dancing class which starts at 10am til 11.30am.  I companied her to the class, look see for a while, then off to work.

You may wonder what would she eat for her lunch, well, just wanna let her be independent, I gave her RM2 and told her to change her uniform herself after the class and buy her own lunch from the canteen, which she did it with great success :)

Made her mayo chicken sammy for snack, which companied with ice pack in the bento bag, I believe it'd still stay fresh by the time she eat it.

Bento was ready in 15 minutes.

Mayo chicken & lettuce sandwich


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rabbit Shaped Roti Canai Bento (317)

The only spicy curry or food that little girl able to tolerate is dhal.  Her most favorite dhal is from Kayu at SS2 Chow Yang.  I purposely got hubby to pack a piece of roti canai sometimes ago with 2 packs of dhal, ate one with the roti and stored the other in 3 separate containers safely in the freezer.  Therefore, little girl may enjoy her favorite dhal anytime at home :)

Bento was ready in about 20 minutes.

Rabbit shaped roti canai
(Now only I realized that the rabbits were placed upside-down :p)

Grapes and dhal

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bear-bear Pasta Bento (316)

Bought a few bags of pasta from S'pore during the Dec school holiday, one of it was this bear-bear shaped pasta.

I accidentally over-cooked the pasta, and it turned a bit too soft, it was broken apart after I mixed in the sauce, luckily little girl didn't give me any fuss while having it for lunch :p

Used about 30 minutes to prepare the bolognese sauce as I gotta cooked it from scratch, then about 10 minutes to pack the bento.

Bear shaped pasta with bolognese sauce

A bunch of grapes & a marshmallow

Closer view of the cute bear shaped pasta

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wantan Noodle and Nuggets Bento (315)

Cooked 2 'bundles' of thick wantan noodle for our lunch and the bento.  Bento was prepared fast, used about 15 minutes for the cooking and fixing time only.

Some blanched lettuce and wantan noodle mixed with soy sauce & oyster sauce

2 alphabet chicken nuggets and a baby mandarin

Monday, January 10, 2011

Bear-bear and Rabbit Friends Bento (314)

Took some leftover steamed mince pork (one of my favorite dish) from mum yesterday, used a bit for the bear shaped onigiri.  Whereas the rabbit shaped onigiri were mixed with pan-fried salmon.

Used about 25 minutes for the bento preparation.

2 Bear-bear onigiri
Rice mixed with steamed mince pork with tai-tao-choy 大头菜

2 rabbit onigiri
Rice mixed with pan-fried salmon

2 baby mandarins

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fried Glass Noodle Wraps Bento (313)

Little girl adores the rice paper wraps so much that she encored again for today's bento :p

I stir-fried the glass noodle with fish cake, dried prawn and shredded cabbage, had the noodle wrapped in the rice paper along with few slices of chicken frank and cucumber.

Bento was ready in about 30 minutes.

Fried glass noodle wraps

4 skewers of chicken frank & cucumber cubes,
a bear container of ketchup & mayo,
and a baby mandarin

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Luncheon Meat, Cabbage & Dried Small Shrimps Fried Rice

My bowl of fried rice

A few weeks ago, I found this dried small shrimps 虾皮 at Seremban market, I didn't buy it until last Sun, decided to get a little to try out the taste.  MIL was worried when I said I wanna buy it, she even asked the shopper could it be edible by human :p

I sauteed the dried small shrimps with a bit of oil with medium flame, they got crispy & fragrant after the heating process with a nice golden brown color.

I simple put together luncheon meat and cabbage for the fried rice and top it with the cooked dried small shrimps, it was so fragrant & yummy!

The cooked dried small shrimps

Little girl's fried rice wrapped in rice paper