Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Braised Yee Mee 焖伊面 Bento (295)

Little girl and me love yee mee, we like to order Kwong Fu yee mee 广府伊面 whenever we go for fried noodle for dinner.  The crunchiness of the noodles go so well with the thick gooey egg gravy.  As this version of yee mee can't be prepared in bento, I switch it to braised yee mee, which is equally delicious.

I used about 10 minutes on preparing the ingredients, 15 minutes on cooking and 10 minutes on packing the bento.

Braised yee mee with chinese cabbage, erygii mushroom cubes and home made fish cakes

Little girl encored for the grape hearts again

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