Friday, October 22, 2010

Blooper Bento (293)

After making Boo bento the last time, little girl has been nagging me to make her a Blooper bento, finally I gotta my chance to sketch out Blooper while little girl and her cousin Y played Wii on Sun.  Here is my sketch:

Then, due to lack of sleep and gotta nasty news at the morning, I was a bit blank and couldn't think well, let alone the creativity part, sigh... this was the best I managed...  Don ask me the time, was too blur to look at the clock, just knew that didn't take too long to complete it.

Sorry Blooper, I trimmed off 2 of ur arms, due to lack of space :p
Blooper is made of rice stuffed with meat floss and mayo, along with some chicken nuggets and grapes

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