Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bento on 26 June 2008

Another sushi day!  The first thing little girl said was: "why is it so big, mummy?" when she opened the bento.  See, she likes food that is small and cute!  However, she still eat the sushi happily.

The contains of this bento:  Cucumber and egg sushi, heart-shaped tomatoes, heart-shaped sausages, heart-shaped dragon fruit and some cream cheeses.

Little girl kept the cheeses for her snack break and left a few sushi to eat at po-po's (my mum) house, as of the rest, she finished all!

This bento box was made to mum's house, it contains: Cucumber and egg sushi, cucumber and sausage sushi, cucumber sushi and sausage octopus.

Little girl attacked the cucumber sushi and cucumbers while doing her homework and yong shared the sausages.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bento on 19 June 2008

Little girl requested cucumber sushi (maki?) and mashed potato salad this time.  I cut the cucumber into heart-shape but it couldn't be seen clearly.  The sushi was a bit loose cos I couldn't get the right size nori and my knife was blunt too.  However, little girl enjoyed it very much, I managed to steal 2 from her only :)

The sunflowers was a surprise to her, she loves it, that was the first thing she attacked in the bento.

The contains of the bento: Cucumber maki, sunflower sausage and quail egg, fried mushrooms, mashed potato salad and orange.

Today's leftover were fried mushrooms and half of the mashed potato salad.

Little girl likes the idea of bentoing and look forward to it too.  :)  Happy!

I cooked lots of rice today, thus made this to mum's house, cucumber maki, sausage rice balls, sausage and cucumber strips.

Little girl ate more of the sushi after school and yong finished the sausages.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bento on 12 June 2008

This was the first time I tried to give little girl rice for lunch, she usually has noodle or pasta, I was so worried that she wouldn't eat the rice ball at all.  I tried my luck to make it small (little girl likes things that is small, especially food) and filled it with ham and cheese which are her favourite.

Well, she said "Wow!" when she opened the bento's cover, and with a broad smile on her face too, "These is cute, mummy!"  Bingo!  She likes it, she ate 3 of them, shared 1 with me, so sweet :)

The contains of the bento: Ham and cheese rice ball, fried tofu (made by my mum), fried long bean, ham, cheese and rockmelon kebab and lastly heart-shaped tomatoes.

Little girl didn't touch the tofu at all, ate half of the fried long bean, but finished the rest!

A happy day for both of us!