Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kuromi Bento (298)

I just found out a few days ago that Kuromi's birthday fall on Halloween, thus how can I not including her in the Halloween theme bento.

This might look simple and easy, but it took me about 95 minutes to complete!  I started very late at Thu nite (at about 12.30am), doing all the ground works like sketched out Kuromi, cut it out, blanched 2 crab sticks, cut the crab stick and nori according to the sketch.  I finished the works at about 1.15am.  Then waked up very early to continue on the bento (used about 30 minutes), made the sandwich (meat floss with mayo), place Kuromi on top, glued (with mayo) everything intact, put on Kuromi's expression and finally made 2 skeleton heads to fill the space.

Closer view of Kuromi 
(not that pretty looking but it was the best I manage in a tiring night & morning)

Skeleton head 1
(I like this one, cute)

Skeleton head 2, funny looking :p

Again, happy birthday Kuromi and happy Halloween to those of u who celebrate it, trick or treat!


HK Choo said...

Bravo, Kel... Love everything, and the skeleton head is adorable.

kel said...

Thank u, and u waked so early on a Sat raining morning?

anna2003 said...

Cute kuromi!

kel said...

Thanks anna2003! Hopped over to your blog earlier, u made lots of pretty and cute bentos, amazing hands you have :)

dtsy said...

Kel: Ya, for some morning exercise :)
You also didn't do too badly yourself there, what got you up then?

kel said...

Hey, HK/dtsy, just couldn't sleep that morning, rather waked up blogging then laying awake on the bed :p