Sunday, October 3, 2010


Chicken frankfurter, button mushroom, pineapple and tomato pizza

I had planned for pizza as our dinner today on Thu, started checking on the web for a good pizza dough recipe.  Then, I remembered Javapot mentioned a good recipe some times ago, and it was from Rosa's Yummy Yums.

I halved the original recipe, able to get 2 big pieces of pizza.  As both of them mentioned, the dough was very very tacky, it was my 1st experience handling such a tacky dough, so bewared if you try out this recipe.

300g bread flour (added 2 tbsp wheat bran)
3/4 tsp salt
3/4 tsp instant yeast
30g olive oil
210 ml ice cold water
1/2 tbsp sugar

Please check out the steps at Rosa's Yummy Yum, she explained in detail there.

Beef pepperoni, button mushroom, pineapple and tomato pizza

Those pizzas were awesome, the pizza base was both soft (inner part) & crunch (the crust area) at the same time.  However, I had made a big mistake for lying the pizza on a baking paper (as I had only 1 baking tray, it was easier for me to transfer the pizza this way), the base sticked to the paper and it was a mess while we ate the pizza, such a shame.

LG:  Mummy, mummy... I had made a smily face on the pizza, can you take a photo for me?
Me:  Go snap it yourself   * busy separating the pizza from the paper *
LG:  Ok...  * went to snap photo *     I took plenty of photo, mummy!
Me:  Alright, I'll check later...    * still busy with the pizza and paper *

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