Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not Spooky Creepy Crawly Bento (297)

This could be the most tedious bento project I ever encountered, but it was not that difficult to get it done, I managed to pack  the bento within 45 minutes.

The spiders has been crawling in my mind for days, I got it done in my mind mentally and I believed it will be able to work fine.  I first got the rice balls ready (rice mixed with furikake and have a small crab stick as filling), wrapped in the nori (seaweed), made the face (crab stick), then poked the legs (cucumber sticks) intact.

The spiders were crawling on some leafs (edamame), guarding their eggs (grapes) in front of the letter S (don know what to imagine with this, placed it in as a gap filler)

Closer view of spider 1

Spider 2
Little girl told me she likes this more as it looks cuter with the winking eye :)

S for Super Spiders :p

Happy Halloween!


HK Choo said...

Itsy-bitsy spider, went up the water spout...
Winking back at Spider 2

kel said...


javapot said...

i like the legs, great idea!! :)

kel said...

Thanks javapot!