Monday, October 4, 2010

No Bake Char Siew

Saw HK from Jottings of Life posted this easy version of no bake char siew some times ago, it sounded so easy that I kept it into my to-do list.  Able to try out the recipe at last, I marinated the meat with the marinate mixture on Sat and cooked it this morning, then baked it using the toaster oven at the evening and we got this beautiful char siew for dinner.  Thanks HK, for sharing the recipe, it is so simple & delicious, we like it very much!

600g skinless pork belly
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp Chinese rose wine
3 tbsp sugar
100g water

Check out the steps here at Jottings of Life.

Actually I did a mistake while marinating the meat, I just read at the ingredients at HK's blog without reading the steps, then only I found out that I should put in sugar only after the meat is cooked, haiz... too late, I had all except water soaking the meat ... sigh...

So this morning, I pour everything: the meat, all the marinate and 100g of water into a pot, bring it to a boil and cook on medium fire til the gravy thicken.  I stand guarded beside the stove during the entire cooking process, as afraid that the sweet gravy would get burned, luckily everything went well after all.

Little girl, one who don really fancy char siew likes this very much, I think it is bcos it was on the slight salty side instead of sweet, I will definitely add another tablespoon of sugar into it next time, cos I like it a bit more sweeter.

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