Friday, February 27, 2009

Pasta in Mushroom Soup Bento

Me:  Baby, what do u wanna have for lunch?  Pasta, noodle or rice?
LG:  Pasta!  Can I have it with mushroom soup?
Me:  Why?  Not miso soup (her favorite combination => pasta in miso soup)?
LG:  Long time didn't eat mushroom soup, can I have it?
Me:  Let me go check 1st.

Ok, managed to find a can of Campbell's mushroom soup, she may have her pasta with it.  She had a wet version for lunch, which was with lot of soup.

As for her bento, I just mixed a few spoons of the soup to the pasta, added some chicken strips and blanched broccoli.  On the right is some cut orange slices.

Animal pasta, chicken, broccoli mixed with mushroom soup, and orange slices.

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