Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shapes Bento

I thought of naming the theme as "Yogurt Bento" as I drafted out the bento (due to the yogurt salads) last nite.  But, when I slowly packed the food in, I found different shapes in the box, which was so coincidence :)

I asked little girl to name me all the shapes while she had her lunch, she managed to figure all correctly.

So, here r the shapes n food:

Square - Sakura denbu and sesame seaweed onigiri,
Oval - grape tomato

Circle - fried pork patties with okonomiyaki sauce

Long strip - stir fried long bean (leftover from dinner last nite)

Semi-circle - cucumber n yogurt salad

Triangle - kiwifruit n apple in grape yogurt

I kept the bento chilled n packed along with ice packs, thus by the time little girl had her lunch (about an hour later), the bento was still chilled and refreshing.

As I'd used all lettuce for salad on Tue nite, and the silicon dish I had r very small, I pan-fried this egg sheets to use as dishes from keeping away those sauce or moist.


3lilangels said...

Such an educational bento. It's a good idea to use the egg sheet as a container / divider.

Emily said...

Hey, this bento looks DELISH!

kel said...

3lilangels: The theory always kept in my mind - When u have nothing similar on hand, try something else to get it done.

Thanks for the compliment, Emily.