Friday, February 6, 2009

Minced Pork Patty Snack Bento

Bought some minced pork yesterday, decided to cook something for little girl as snack b4 she goes to her mental arithmetic class.

I remember I saw a burger recipe from Cloud9food sometime ago, a very simple recipe, but she used beef for the burger, I improvised it to whatever I have on hand.

The ingredient I used:

300g    minced pork
1           small onion
2 tbsp  ketchup
1 tbsp  soy sauce
1 tsp    honey mustard
1          egg
1 pcs   wholemeal bread (chopped into crumbs)
dash   pepper and salt

Here r the mini size pork burgers / patties / balls

Poked a grape tomato along with the pork patty in those cute animal pick

4 mini snacks and some ketchup (in yellow bear container) to go with

We had this conversation while she was enjoying her snack:

LG:  Mummy, what is this brown color thing under the baby tomato?
Me:  It's pork patty
LG:  Oooh...  Where did u buy it?
Me:  No, mummy cooked it
LG:  This pork woh?
Me:  Yeah!  I cooked it (she disbelieved that I cooked it  * rolled eyes *)!  Do u like it?
LG:  Hm....  (answering while munching on it)


Emily said...

Hey this looks yummy... i do have minced pork in the freezer.....

kel said...

Yeah, it tasted yummy too. Do give it a try.