Friday, February 20, 2009

Milo Muffins with Surprises!

Make another batch of muffins today, it was a recipe I found during google searching for nutella muffin recipe, remember my previous posting on nutella banana muffin?

I found the recipe here, but I altered the recipe slightly as I don have cocoa powder, I substituted it with milo, therefore the color of the muffins are not that dark.  I cut down the sugar by 2 tbsp too and used a mix of brown n white sugar.

Also, other than nutella for the stuffings, I had some muffins with chocolate chips or with Kisses dark or milk chocolate.

Milo n chocolate chips muffins without filling

Milo muffins with nutella filling

Milo muffins with Kisses dark or milk chocolate filling

Kiddy muffins - milo n chocolate chips muffins (left) and plain milo muffin without filling (right)

Different chocolate snack in a box: almond london (top), plain milo muffin with nutella topping n colorful sprinkles (bottom left) and milo n chocolate chips muffin

Little girl and me preferred this muffin than the nutella banana muffin, it's very moist, not too sweet and yummy.


Emily said...

Nice Muffins, bring some over to 100yen shop when we meet!! hahaha

BTW, you are Tagged!

kel said...

Which 100 yen shop? I went to the one in Kuchai at last, got some good stuffs there :)

Thanks Emily!