Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inarizushi Bento

I was quite happy with today's bento, not too many food but full of colors.  

Top tier: 2 inarizushi with tomato fried rice stuffing, top with 2 quail eggs; 3 grape tomatoes, some edamame, 1 roast duck drummette, and some fish ball noodle.

Bottom tier: Flower shaped steamed sweet potatoes and heart shaped lychee flavored grass jelly.

A close up of the bunny print on right quail egg...

... another close up of bear print on left quail egg ...

... also, of the shaped sweet potatoes and grass jellies.

I introduced 2 new food to little girl in this bento, the sweet bean curd pouch and sweet potatoes.  It was her 1st time eating this bean curd pouch, she ate 1 of the inarizushi but left the other untouched, think I may need to try again next time.  As for sweet potatoe, she ate it b4, I let her ate it whole after steaming or baking it previous times, but she would only take 1 or 2 bites.  However, in this bento, I was surprised to see her finishing all the 8 pieces without any fuss!

Verdict:  Not bad at all, left with 1 inarizushi and the lettuce, sapu the rest :)


3lilangels said...

Great colours and flavours. The imprints on the quail eggs really turned out nicely. I usually get very faint imprints only.

I'm not sure what is fishball noodle. It looks thicker than the normal noodles? Did you flavour it first?

I have yet to buy the grass jelly, though I asked you so long ago. I've been so lazy lah *shame faced*

kel said...

I remembered reading from Emily's to have those quail egg soaked in water while molding it.

Actually, I don know what to call it, they r store bought fish paste shaped as very thick noodle, u may get at wet market. Usually kids like this type of fish ball then the rounded ones.

I believe u may get those grass jelly at Cold Storage, Solaris Mont Kiara, since u r there often.