Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cheesy Pork Burger Bento

The challenge on Bento Challenge for this week is very interesting, it is You must see...

So, here is my bento for little girl following the guidelines:

  • something from can - button mushrooms
  • something fresh - tomato
  • something from frozen - corn, edamane, chicken frankfurt, pork burger
  • something made from scratch - wholemeal bun, pork burger
  • something savory - cheese
  • something sweet - baby mandarins, honey dew
I oledi have the idea of baking this little bun when I made the minced pork patties last Fri, little girl always fancy things in smaller size, I believe a little burger would please her.

The burger combined wholemeal bun, honey mustard, pork burger, cheese, tomato and ketchup.  As for the button mushroom, I microwaved them and mixed with some mayo and pepper.

I molded 6 pieces of honey dew into heart shaped, and scattered 2 peeled baby mandarin all around, I thought of including grass jelly, but it seemed quite a lot for little girl, thus I left it out.

Little girl ate her lunch by herself in preschool this afternoon, after her school, she told me she like the burger, seemed like the magic of small in size worked again.  She left a few edamame and 1 chicken frank during her lunch, but she finished it all during our car journey home :)

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