Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Konnyaku Jelly

I bought this Konyaku jelly sometime ago from Tesco, dug out this evening to make some desserts for little girl.

Here are the sweet jellies, in 2 big molds (heart & flower), 1 small container (a box from Ferrero Rocher chocolate) with chopped grapes and strawberry.

Here are the jellies for little girl after dinner, which look a bit like a human.  Little girl ate the head 1st, then she announced to me naively: "I'm going to eat the 'bird-bird' (man's private part) now, big n fat 'bird-bird'!"  (Notice the bottom part of the human jelly) I nearly choked myself upon hearing it and both of us broke down to a teary laugh!

The remaining of un-sweeten jelly, placed in a shallow pan, kept for some plan I had for bento n lunch :)


ZARA said...

You get the Konnyaku Jelly from tesco yeah? Mind me asking which Tesco carry this product? The instructions on how to make the shirataki noodle will be on it is it?

kel said...

Hi, Zara! I got it from Tesco Mutiara Damansara, I believe u able to get it from any supermarket too. Yes, it shows the cooking instruction to make the jelly. To make noodle, just omit sugar and cut into strips after the jelly turn firm.