Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cake for Kids

My mum, SIL and me baked 3 sponge cakes and 4 mini chiffon cakes on Thu b4 CNY. I took 1 sponge cake back to sban, with 1 Tweety Bird cake topper, 3 kiwifruits, and 300g of pre-whisked non-diary cream.

I started decorating the cake only on the eve of CNY (Sun) morning, with very limited tool available there => 1 cake knife from Secret Recipe. I cubed 1 kiwifruit (for filling in the center) and thinly sliced the other 2 (for the topping).

Little girl couldn't wait to help me spreading the cream as she said she was playing well in "Cooking Mama" (a famous Nintendo DS game) * roll eyes *

And of course, it was not as easy as playing game in real life, she threw the knife back to me to take over.

After decorating the top of the cake, found that it was rather bare without anything at the side, hubby suggested grapes, cut into heart-shaped.

So, here it goes, heart-shaped grapes that look like jewels, I was so proud of myself cos this was the 1st time I decorating a cake without mum's help.

All the kids (4, inclusive of little girl) were glad to see a cake after our reunion dinner, I passed them each a plastic knife, a candle, got them to sing CNY songs (hehehe... not happy birthday song), then they had fun blowing the candle and cutting the cake their own preferred ways.


javapot said...

Good work on icing the cake!

kel said...

Thank you, javapot!