Monday, February 2, 2009

CNY Home Decorations

As there weren't be any guests visiting our hse, these were the things we prepared as CNY decoration, 4 boxes of chocolates & sweets, 10 baby mandarins and 1 年糕 "nian gao".

We "balik kampung" (went home town) to seremban on Fri, right after little girl's school, to avoid all possible traffic jams.  When we were at in-law's place, were rather surprised to see the following...

A beautifully hand-crafted backdrop made by BIL, with the theme of golden ox, pretty flowers and fishes.  He used red, gold and yellow colored papers to make a 3D effect of the picture, really salute him of the patients, times, creativity, clever fingers to complete it.

MIL bought a big bunch of 臘梅 (winter plum blossom), little girl was having fun hanging all the tiny deco onto the brunches.  She was happy too that she was able to peel off the skins from the little blossoms, to help them bloom faster.  She even asked me to stand back, so that I wouldn't able to help her and she could peeled all by herself.

Little girl contributed this 吉, she wrote it in pre-school, BIL let her paste it at a vase and put on more deco.

Hubby said the hse decorations for this CNY was too "gold" (full of gold color) but this was what the elderly preferred, right?


Emily said...

Hey, your BIL did great with that backdrop!!

Everything looks GREAT! Looking forward to Chap Goh Mei?

kel said...

Basically, my BIL have different theme every year, he is very very creative.

What should we eat on Chap Goh Mei, tang yuen?