Friday, February 20, 2009

Garden of Tulips Bento

I didn't plan to prepare a bento today, however, when little girl asked for pasta for her lunch, I suggested a snack bento for her too.  I had her lunch, this bento all ready in half an hour, not bad-huh ;p

Contains of bento: mac & cheese (flower bed), chicken frank (tulips n stems), snow pea (leaves), baby corn (other flowers) and grape tomatoes.

The mac & cheese was a cheat version, I microwaved a slice of cheese, a bit of milk, the cooked pasta for 40 second, gave it a stirred and done.  Little girl used to have this for lunch during her toddler years.

I placed a pair of green spoon n fork to match with its theme, then while I was typing this post, I found them looked like a garden fork n shovel in the garden, do u think so?

P/s  I'd just posted this bento into Bento Challenge for this week's theme ==> cute and kawaii.

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