Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lion Dance

It was a happy and long waited morning, little girl were going to see lion dance at her pre-school.  It was scheduled to start at 9.30am, but the "lions" were late,  started only about 10.10am.

Kids were gather around the field, enjoying the lion dance.  At the beginning, the lions ran near the kids so that they were able to touch them, there were a few kids cried after being frightened by the moves.  Then, the lions danced around a plate of fruits (pineapples, pomelo and some mandarins).

Both of the lions laid lazily after stuffing the fruits ...

... actually, the ppl inside the lions were busying peeling and decorating the plate of fruits, ta-dah!

Kids were turning wild whenever the lions went near them, see how they attacked the lion :)

They performed for 1/2 an hour, rather short but full of laughters and enjoyments!

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