Friday, February 13, 2009

Ip Man

I'm not a movie person, especially those action kungfu movie, however, bro has strongly suggested this movie - Ip Man, watched it last nite with hubby.   Ooh!  I'd say it is a great show, the scenes and martial arts were astonishing, the story lines were good, logic and blood boiling, a thumb up for this movie.  The actor Donnie Yen was so cool in the movie, seldom see him smile in the entire show, the martial art performance from him was really breath taking.

If u r asking, who is this Ip Man / Yip Man?  In simple, he was the sifu of Bruce Lee.

Here is the official link of the movie, enjoy!



Me no fan of movies either but yes, heard hubby ask him bro to get him the DVD from pasar malam!

kel said...

Hi Family First, most of the ppl I met up like the movie, so hope u'll enjoy the movie too.