Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Waxed Duck, Dried Duck Gizzards and Dried Scallops Porridge

After almost a week of non-stop drastic luxurious CNY dinners, hubby and me think light meal will help our stomach reducing it's work :)

I cooked this porridge last Fri for lunch, using my year old stored waxed duck and dried duck gizzards.  Sounds dahsyat (horrible), ya?!  Actually, I stored them in the freezer, so still edible, taste the same too.  (For those who followed my blog, u may know how important a freezer is to me and u can imagine how much things I stored :p )


1 cup  rice
1         waxed duck drumstick
3         dried duck gizzards
5         dried scallops (little girl loves it, put a lot here)
3         shallots, skinned
3         garlics, skinned

  1. Wash duck drumstick and gizzards, then soak them in hot water for 5 minutes, drained
  2. Chop duck drumstick and gizzards to bite sizes
  3. Throw everything to rice cooker, select porridge function and press start
  4. Done when rice cooker beep, serve hot with some fried shallots or chopped spring onions
U don have to add any seasoning, cos the waxed duck drumstick is quite salty oledi.  I downed 2 bowls of it, so yummy!

P/s    According to the person who sold me the waxed meat, he said boiling dried duck gizzard and watercress soup will help reduce body heat (下火), may need to try this remedy one fine day.

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