Monday, February 16, 2009

Belated Valentine's Day Bento

This was a not so interesting bento, there was too much yellow and not colorful at all, I realized it only after placing everything into the bento box :(

Contains of bento was: mashed potato with quail egg (center), top with grape tomato, steamed chicken wing, egg flowers, sliced cucumber and baby mandarin.

Little girl like to eat cucumber whole, especially the seed part.  However, to make something cute for her, I seeded the sliced cucumber with a heart shaped mold today, and she refused to eat the cucumber without the seed!  * slap forehead *

LG: Is this a Valentine's day bento, mummy?
Me: Yes, dear.
LG: But Valentine's day is over!
Me: Yes, I know, it's a belated Valentine's day bento, ok?

Kid really wanna be "specific", don play-play with them!  :)

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