Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Milk Loaf

After started baking bread, I was totally falling in love with DIYing bread and eating self made bread.  The taste n smell are so different from commercial bread.  Also, I love the smell infusing the entire hse while baking it, feeling so warm and nice. 

Usually I'd knead the bread on Sun, at mum's place, cos mum has the proper kneading machine, and I'd let it proofed in a container and baked it back home.  

With 1 bread dough kneaded, I usually separated it to 2 half, mainly b'cos I only have 1 loaf pan, and for the other half, would usually made sausage buns for little girl.

So, here is a new bread I was trying out ==> milk loaf, little girl had been eating wholemeal lately, she requested white bread a few times, gotta satisfy her taste bud this round since she'd been a good girl.

Milk loaf

Look at the crust, I like the color and it was not so hard.

Now, lets look at the inner part, so soft n fluffy, yummy, little girl like to eat it plain too.

Pepperoni roll, with some almost expiring pepperoni n lots of cheese.

Sausage buns, requested by little girl.

My stock of breads, which will last us til Thu/Fri.


Emily said...

oH mY! These are yummy! You are quite a baker these days! I am getting interested!

kel said...

Hi hi hi! Comments from u always make me blush! Jom, let's go makan, I belanja! :)

Emily said...

Woo! meeting up with Bento Pet this saturday 11.30 at Daiso, the Curve. Wanna come and make some bento vibes?

kel said...

Aaaaah.... Meeting up with u "tai ka che" and Daiso sound so interesting and I'd been struggling for the whole afternoon, but really sorry I can't make it, cos I have very tight schedule on Sat, oso need to help mum & SIL prepare a party for nephew too.

Let me know when u meet up again! * sob sob *

javapot said...

I also like the Milky loaf. Lots of different buns, yummy.