Monday, March 1, 2010

Mantou, Nuggets, Tang Yuan and Grapes Bento (158)

Happy belated Yuan Xiao 元宵 (15th of CNY)!

Though was a day late, still proceed to make some tang yuan 湯圓 for little girl this morning as it is her fav. Little girl had it with some sweet longan soup after having her mantou for breakfast.

Used half an hour for the tang yuan, 15 minutes for the bento.

Mantou stuffed with ham, 2 chicken nuggets, few skewers of white & pink tang yuan (sprinkled with some sugar), 3 skewers of baby grapes and a container of ketchup

Note of the day


Lia Chen said...

Wink back to the mantou hehehe ... I like the white & pink Tang Yuen skewers, look like a beautiful beads ;)

kel said...

Thank u, Lia Chen, (-.<)