Sunday, March 21, 2010

Steamed Pork & Cabbage Bao 菜肉包

Been thinking of trying out some bao for very long time, it was quite a last minute when I decided to make these bao yesterday. We decided to start doing it only at around 4pm, I handled the bao dough kneading part whereas mum fried the pork, mushrooms and cabbage fillings.

I got the recipe from a vegetarian cookbook I bought sometimes ago, mum modified the filling as we preferred having some meat yesterday :p

I didn't hand kneaded the dough, threw all the ingredients into the mixer to complete the job. The dough looked very rough at the beginning, I added about 60ml more water into the dough, after kneading for another 10 minutes, it turned soft.

Folding the fillings into the dough was a tough job, most of the time I just couldn't close up the opening properly and the juice/sauce kept flowing thru the opening as I pressed more, sigh... tough!

Sis handled the steaming part, she put in the 1st batch, when it was time to off the fire & opened the lid of the wok, she gave a loud scream, when I rushed out to see what happened, the baos were all almost doubling their size!

B4 stuffing the bao into my mouth, I remembered Ohbin (Nicole Lee) mentioned that u may call the bao successful unless u able to peel the skin, so here u can see, I able to peel the skin nicely, oh ho... I'm smiling from ear to ear...

I tell u, those fillings were so delicious! As for the bao, I would say it tasted good while it was still hot/warm, as it was Q, don get me wrong, they were not hard, just dense, but the bau didn't stick to teeth while savoring it, so still consider a slight success.

Mum said with a little extra water, the dough will be perfect, I think I will rather try out Carol's recipes (this or this) next time.

Made 2 bunnies with cheese filling for little girl, she & the cousin (SKY) colored the eyes & nose, yeah, it was a mess. She said they were delicious and wanna me to make again :)


Lia Chen said...

Never make bao anymore for a long time. It's so hard for me. Yours look so delicious :)

HK Choo said...

Your baos look so good...white and fluffy like clouds. Thanks for sharing the tip on the measure of a successful bao by the skin, didn't know that till now. :)

kel said...

Hi Lia Chen, I thot it's hard to make too until having this 1st try, the most difficult part is to fold and shield the bao nicely.

kel said...

Hohoho... HK, ur comment always make me happy , tq!

HK Choo said...

Same like reading your posts makes me happy o&O

kel said...

And urs, HK, made me drool most of the time :p