Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big Fat & Ugly Hand Roll Bento (157)

It is supposed to be a simple & fast bento, but I don understand why I took about half & hour for it! I blanched the crab sticks and cocktails while heating the rice, fix 2 hand rolls (1 for little girl's lunch), cut the cocktails into some heart shapes, placed leftover chicken & cucumber into bento box, drizzled with some sesame dressing, blanched a piece of flat Romano beans, poured soy sauce into the container, poked the fruits into the skewers and placed everything into box accordingly.

From top: chicken & cucumber salad with sesame dressing, a big fat & ugly hand roll with crab stick, cucumber, shredded cocktail (from the hearts shaped cocktails) and some mayo, 3 hearts shaped cocktails and some cut romano bean

Skewers of baby grapes and leftover marinated guava

Note of the day

I'm very happy with little girl's progress lately, she didn't drama or cry at school anymore and she finished up her bento most of the time, :) phew!

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