Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pop Corns

Promised little girl to make her some pop corns yesterday, I cooked about a cup and a handful of corns and it gave me about 6 honey bucketful of pop corns! I made 2 types of flavors for the pop corns:

Colorful caramel pop corns

Chocolate pop corns

In order to maintain the crispiness of the pop corns, remember to bake those flavored pop corns in oven with temperature 150C for 30 minutes.


javapot said...

they look yum!

kel said...

Psst... javapot, they r very addictive too, we finished 2 buckets in a nite!

HK Choo said...

6 tubs, that's a lot, but like you said, they are yummies, so will finish in no time. :)

kel said...

Left only 3 now, HK, will be gone very soon too.