Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stewed Pork, Konnyaku noodle & Zucchini Bento (166)

Stewed a big pot of pork ribs, konnyaku noodles, quail eggs and radish a night b4 for our dinner. We continued eating the stew with rice for lunch today and packed for little girl's bento as well. Bento was ready in 10 minutes.

Left: Stewed pork ribs, konnyaku noodle, a quail egg, a tiny radish and some zucchini slices
Right: raisin chocolate, gummy sweets and some mango

Note of the day

Little girl's art homework

Little girl has made sure I took the pic of her art and requested me to post on my blog, to show to everybody...


HK Choo said...

We love stewed meat as well, easy to cook, nice to eat!

Nice artwork, 'lil girl.

kel said...

Tq, HK!