Monday, March 22, 2010

Pucca & Garu Bento (168)

For the holiday last week, whenever little girl stayed at home, she would keep watching the Pucca shows from the DVD, even though she watched it for so many times, she still enjoy watching the show very much.

I like Pucca too, she is very cute and especially adore her love to Garu. Last nite, I decided to turn Pucca & Garu into onigiri for little girl's bento on her 1st day back to school.

I used about half an hour to shape Pucca and Garu onigiri. Used some gravy from leftover stewed pork to color the rice beige and stuffed pork floss into the onigiri. The rest in box are 4 skewers of fish cake, leftover french bean omelette & cucumber, 2 hearts pork cocktails, 1 quail egg (hiding behind Garu), some cucumber hearts and a tube of jelly.

Cute & cubby Pucca closeup

The very serious looking Garu closeup

Note of the day


Lia Chen said...

Love this Pucca and Garu little onigiri! Nicely molded ... and the heart cucumbers are perfect for this bento :)

kel said...

Thank u, Lia Chen.

HK Choo said...

Lovely bento for the start of the school semester again..I bet your girl would be smiling from ear to ear. :D

kel said...

Thanks, HK. Oh yes, she was so happy to see it this morning and few of her friends wanna have a share too but little girl didn't allow them :)

javapot said...

did very well on this one, cute.

kel said...

Tq, javapot.