Tuesday, March 9, 2010

加油 Ganbatai Bento (164)

Cooked 豆簽 mung bean noodle as little girl's lunch and bento today, I mixeded the noodle with some stewed pork & mushroom (similar to this that I posted b4) that I cooked on Saturday. Bento was ready in 10 minutes.

Mung bean noodle with stewed pork and mushroom
Can u spot something here? There is a big 加油 on top of the noodle!

2 pieces of fish paste & egg rolls, some sliced cucumber and a container of mayo

Frozen strawberry yogurt drink

I didn't put in a note today, as I'd put it in the bento, however little girl was not happy without the note in her bento bag... sigh...

After school,

LG: Mummy, do u know why are we having holiday next week?
Me: Because it is holiday!
LG: No, it is because we study so hard this 2 weeks, we are going to rest for next week.
Me: Who told u that? Your teacher?
LG: No, I just know it by myself.
Me: ... * Speechless * (Good imagination, girl!)


Lia Chen said...

Hahaha ... she's cute with her little talks :) So did she get an mid test or something yet?

javapot said...

i'm sure all kids will be screaming for joy this Friday evening - no school, no homework...and all parents start to panic on how to occupy them during school holidays!

kel said...

Hi, Lia Chen, yes, she is having her test last and this week.

kel said...

Hahaha... javapot, u r definitely right, and the kids are deserve the holiday after the 2 weeks test/exam.

As for little girl, she will be playing playing and playing for the coming holiday, cos she don get to play during the school days.