Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bake Nian Gao 烘年糕卷

Got this recipe from 女人我最大, was amazed to see 阿布 doing it in just a few minutes, so easy & simple! I think u probably know me well that I always have frozen roti prata (or roti canai dough) on hand, hehehe... used it for the recipe ;p


8 pieces nian gao, cut into thumb size
2 pieces frozen roti prata
some pounded roasted peanuts
1 egg yolk
some white sesame

Place nian gao on top of roti prata, sprinkle some pounded peanut and wrap it up

Like this, then spread a thin layer of egg yolk and sprinkle some white sesame

Once all nian gao were being wrapped up nicely, let it sun-bathe (bake) in oven toaster for 10 - 15 minutes (covered with aluminum when the pastry turn lightly brown to avoid it being burn).

Taste wise, not bad, an easy snack (but I had it for breakfast) and an alternative way to eat nian gao :)


HK Choo said...

At what temperature you baked these in? How's the texture of the nian gao, they manage to melt and go gluey? If so, I might just go mum's place to 'hijack' a piece of nian gao to try this, hahah...

Awaiting your answers with thanks.

javapot said...

interesting way to eat nian gao!! tks for sharing.

kel said...

Gd morning, HK, u r so early!

Ok, my toaster oven don't have a temperature control, I just checked the nian gao often to see they were puffing and brown. I believe u may use 180C to bake it for 10-15 min.

As for the nian gao, it turn soft and slightly gooey, nice texture.

kel said...

Gd morning, javapot. If u like puff pastry, peanuts & nian gao, I believe u'll like it.