Friday, March 26, 2010

Pink Easter Bunnies & Various Color Eggs Bento(172)

I didn't intend to make a Easter theme bento earlier, but everything came in while preparing lunch and the bento :)

Didn't really time the prepartion today, as little girl had misbehaved & wasted plenty of times lecturing her :(

Top left: a bunny tube of soy sauce, 4 skewers of white baby eggs (pearl fish balls), 2 pink bunnies (halved hard-boil egg tinted with light pink coloring)
Bottom left: a bowl of salad (mix of glass noodles, shredded cucumber, crab stick and a dash of sesame dressing), 3 skewers of red eggs (grapes)

Note of the day

Yesterday, after school:

LG: Mummy! I love the baked potato, so delicious!
Me: Good, did u finish the whole potato?
LG: Yes, everything! Even I don like the skin, I forced myself to swallow it!
Me: Hahaha... So, who did u eat ur snack with today?
LG: No body, I ate by myself again, all of them don't want to eat with me...
Me: Again, why? What's wrong? Did u scold them or be rude to them?
LG: No, they scolded me, they said "u don sit with us!"
Me: Hm.. That's not nice. But did they come over to see your bento?
LG: Yes, and they said they wanna eat, I told them mummy said no sharing food and they don wanna sit with me anymore
Me: Ok, but mummy also said, if u wanna share, u can share 1 out, u cannot give everything to your friends
LG: But 10 of them want to eat! How?
Me: Sigh! Mummy cannot prepare so many food for them too... hm... what about this, u bring some stickers to school 2moro, tell them u cannot share food but can share stickers, ok?
LG: Ok

However, the stupid me, forgot to put in stickers for her this morning, hope her friends will eat with her today. A big reminder, have to include stickers in bento bag in the future.

Actually, before holiday, little girl had told me that few of her friends used to steal her food when she left to toilet, especially those like cocktails, jelly and chocolate. Thus, I told little girl to bring along the bento bag to toilet, sigh...


javapot said...

sigh...find nicer friends.

one the plus side, love the pink bunnies and bento.

Diyana said...

OMG! so kesian your girl! they are jealous lar, that's why.

kel said...

Tq, javapot, I did tell little girl to join other friends.

kel said...

I think so too, Diyana, but still pity my girl for being left out :(

Lia Chen said...

Pink bunnies are so nice in color and cute too! Oh my poor girl ... her friends just so cruel. Maybe you can ask her to join other friends during lunch time. Hope everything is ok for her :)

kel said...

Thanks, Lia Chen. I told her the same, if no girls wanna eat with her, then go find the boys :p

HK Choo said...

Your bentos are too nice, that's why...but do keep it up still. Ya, I agree, go sit with the boys, good for socialising skill also, and your girl can eat in peace. :)

How about doing a simple coloured quail egg for her friends in conjunction with Easter as a friendship gesture? Just my 2-cents :D