Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Penguin Sammies & Fried Wantons Bento (170)

Fix some tuna mayo (for little girl) & tuna avocado (for me) for breaky & bento this morning, by adding a few drops of lime, zest and mayo.

I prepared the penguins while little girl has her breakfast, they had eaten up about 15 minutes, I'm very slow today :p Whole bento was assembled in about 25 minutes.

Those fried wantons were cooked by mum on Mon nite, little girl kept this few for her bento but I'd forgotten to include them yesterday, the forgetful me...

2 penguin sammies with tuna mayo, 4 skewers of fried wanton with cucumber, 1 fried meat ball with cucumber and 3 skewers of seedless grapes

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HK Choo said...

Great idea on the penguins, thumbs up!! WE all do have our slow days, so you're not alone. :)

kel said...

Thanks, HK, I think my slowness was due to the late nites I had for past 2 nites, blogs hopping or TV :p