Thursday, March 4, 2010

Angel Hair Salad Bento (161)

A simple cold angel hair salad for little girl's lunch and bento, cooked & packed ready within 20 minutes.

Cold angel hair salad with shredded cucumber, crab sticks and added some baby green pea, used a mix of sesame dressing, mayo and some olive oil to dress the salad. Along in the bento are, some baby grapes, a HK jelly and 2 heart-shaped marshmallow

Note of the day

Little girl returned home with a big grin yesterday & today, seemed like she was confident with her papers and I do hope she won't give me a heart attack when teachers return the marked paper, sigh...

1 comment:

Lia Chen said...

Healthy salad! My son will just move aside all the green peas hahaha ... :D And what a cool HK jelly!