Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fried Loh Shi Fan with Fish Cake Bento (169)

Been busy in the kitchen for almost an hour this morning, preparing breakfast (will show post later) and chop or cut up the ingredients for this fried loh shi fan. MIL fried a lot of fish cakes last Sat, I took 4 big pieces back, thus u keep hearing me mentioning fish cakes since yesterday's bento ;p

Actually used about 15 minutes to cook this loh shi fan, about 5 minutes for cutting the orange & pack everything into box.

Fried loh shi fan with fish cake with some shredded fried eggs (leftover after preparing breakfast)

5 raisin chocolate balls and orange wedges

Note of the day


HK Choo said...

Interesting as always...you so hardworking, I rarely do such bento with elaborate cooking, just those with the barest minimum that involves a pan the most.

kel said...

What to do, I gotta prepare breaky, lunch & bento for little girl, rather cook once to get everything ready :p