Thursday, March 11, 2010

Food Alert

I read a very good posting from A Daily Obsession today, I am totally agree with Terri's points:
  • cook more, eat out less - I am one who love home cook food. I enjoyed the moments eating dinner with the family members, I think it is very important to have dinner together after a long day of separate activities, it is a good time for us to share and to strengthen our rapport at the same time. All these reasons bring me to start cooking after having a family myself, looking at hubby & little girl enjoying meals together really make me cheerful every time.
  • cut out carbs at dinner - do u know how much rice we (hubby, little girl and me) eat every dinner? I cook only a cup of rice for us and still have some left after dinner, and on top of that we eat rice only for dinner. We usually eat bread for breakfast, light meals like noodles or pasta for lunch.
  • cut back on snacks, in particular sweet things - I would say I am fail on this, little girl and hubby love eating junk food like twisties, chips, etc and fuzzy drinks. I'd tried out all ways to make healthy snacks for them, but of course still can't beat up junk food as it always come in handy, fast and easy.
  • eat lots of colorful veggies - There is always a plate of veggie during meal time, I am happy as little girl likes veggie. Occasionally we will have salads (when I am lazy to cook those veggies :p), and she wouldn't complain.
  • eat less but well - which is what I am practicing often, eating less but with all healthy food
  • educate your family about nutrition, teach your kids to cook - yes, this is important, I am grateful that little girl learns about healthy food in school, she knows the name of the food she is eating. I was surprised to see in Jamie Oliver's message that there are children who couldn't differentiate tomato and potato or telling the name of veggies! Little girl has joined me for cooking and baking since she is very young, I will definitely teach her cooking at least 10 recipes like Jamie said, that will be her surviving skill in future.
Please have a look at this video, a speech made by Jamie Oliver, I hope you get the message of eating healthy.

Jamie Oliver's TED Prize wish: Teach every child about food | Video on

Thanks Terri and your daughter, who shared the video and spread the words of eating healthy.

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