Tuesday, December 23, 2008

M&M Peanut Butter Tang Yuan 湯圓

My aunt introduced this recipe to me a few year ago, wrapping M&M chocolate in the glutinous dough.  This year, I tried it with M&M peanut butter chocolate.

It was pretty easy to roll M&M into the dough, even little girl was having fun doing it.

Here r some plain baby tang yuan without the M&M stuffing, rolled by little girl.

Verdict:  It was too delicious, QQ outer layer with a bit gooey sweet choc and slight salty peanut butter, we didn't even remember to snap a photo of it!  Little girl down lot of it, even complained that I should have left some for her to bring back home!

Happy Belated Winter Solstice Festival!


Emily said...

Now thats interesting! might give it a try next year!

javapot said...

wow, this is different and I must delicious too!! Ha ha...just nice since i had plan to make some tong yuen tonight, might give this a go.

kel said...

Emily: If u like M&M choc, u'll definitely like this.

javapot: Let me know whether u like it or not.

javapot said...

It was nice! My mum was like what-are-u-doing???? I told her as we were rolling not to fight for them later if she found them tasty!! ha ha

kel said...

Good, glad that u enjoyed it too! Merry X'mas!