Saturday, December 13, 2008

Daiso @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town...

Eh! No wait, should be....

Daiso is coming to town!

Daiso, is in town at last! I was there this morning! I reached there at about 10.30am, sound kiasu huh! Actually, I just wanna avoid the weekend crowds, ok, ok, I admit, with a bit of kiasu, cos afraid some of those bento goodies will be "sapu" by ppls.

They were not open by the time I reached there, staffs there said would open after 11am. Ok, went over to Nichii, checked out some dresses and shoes. Finally, 11am, still no sign of opening, waited for another 5 minutes, able to hear "Dong dong cang! Dong dong cang!" from far, guess what, even the lions were dancing to Daiso! Eh! Why so typical Chinese? Japanese believe in lion dance oso meh? I was so regretted of not bringing little girl to see these.

Have u ever seen lions using escalator, not so cool huh! They supposed to be like Jackie Chan jumping here and there or throwing some stunk to reach Daiso, :)

The lion dance and opening ceremony took about 45 minutes, I was "cursing" (in my mind only, of course) for the long wait. For the 1st time in my life, watching lion danced so impatiently.

Once the lion dance was over, SIL managed to rush over and both of us set our foot into Daiso! 1st place to check out in the store must be bento section lah, but it is called picnic section there. Bento items were some how be scattered between few shelves, it was like having a treasure hunt searching for those cute bento items.

So, things that I bought this round:

Animals food picks and sauce containers

Vegetable molds

Craft punches, most likely will use them as nori punch

Hello Kitty bowl, cup and plasters, well, I just couldn't resist of buying them for little girl, I like Hello Kitty too! ;p

Pink piggy shower cap

Glowing wide bracelets for little girl and little Y to play with either on X'mas's eve or New Year's eve

Hubby was shaking his head when he saw these purchase, and comment that I was a bit insane for spending over RM100 at Daiso @ Plaza Singapura and Daiso @ The Curve.


Emily said...

might go on sunday! thanks for the update!

shoppingmum said...

Daiso is finally in KL! How much is the things per item? Over here, it's 60 baht each. I noticed that Daiso logo is somehow different from Bangkok.

javapot said...

You not kiasu...ha ha ha...I was there slightly earlier. I agree that I waited rather impatiently for the deafening dong-chang to be over!
I got the same stuff (even the glow bracelet for my son). But missed out on the hello kitty ware - do u remember where u found it???

kel said...

Emily, I think u'll enjoy ur shopping there.

Shoppingmum, the price is RM5 per item here.

Javapot, I was late this morning, else I'll be there by 9.30, lagi early, lucky me. Hehehe... seems like we hunt for the same goodies! The Hello Kitty ware is located at the toy section near the staff entrance.

Arlene said...

Wow, how I wish I was there too...

Mummy Moon said...

Hai kel, me too went in the evening.. so sad I can't find the sauce bottle and the animal food pick that you bought! Maybe just finish liao... :(

Mummy Moon said...

You remember where u found the sauce bottles ? I went there in the evening, but can't see any sauce bottles that you bought! :(

kel said...

Hi Arlene, u can go there anytime now, it's in town. If u plan to go for opening, try out IOI Mall, they r going to open on 15 Dec, I think.

Mummy Moon, I got the sauce bottles and picks at picnic section but from different shelves, u need to search carefully. I think u may try to find at the Daiso @ IOI Mall too, be there early, like kiasu me :)

Emily said...

Oh my Gosh, you mean Daiso is opening in IOI too!!!???

Went to the Curve today and came away with 25items. Bump into Sharon and son. And CP aka Market Place too!

You are right! quite enjoyed my visit but alas not allowed to take pics!

3lilangels said...

Well, it really pays to be kiasu! I went on Sunday and there weren't much bento stuff, definitely not the picks and sauce bottles you got. The selection is very much less than Sg. I end up with only two items. hehe.... but then, I've already got most things from Sg...

kel said...

Yes, Emily, in IOI Mall too, I gotta know it from this site:

So did anyone visit Daiso @ IOI Mall?

I agree with u, Sharon, not as big nor carrying as many items as compared with S'pore.

kel said...

Oops, just realized, Daiso @ IOI Mall will be opening only at 15 Jan 2009

Sorry for the wrong update earlier.