Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sausage rolls, crabstick buns and wholemeal pretzels

Little girl loves sausages, crabsticks and pretzel very much.  Thus I kneaded a basic wholemeal bread dough and rolled them into sausage rolls, crabstick buns and pretzels on Tuesday.

Make 12 sausage rolls:

Just after 2nd proofing...

...out from oven

Make 3 crabstick buns:

After 2nd proofing ready to go into oven...

...out from oven

3 plain pretzels:

Ready to go into oven

Out from oven, spread with butter and sprinkled lot and lot of cheese powder

Look at the end result, soft when they were warm, but a bit dense once cool down, I gotta warm them every time b4 eating.  Can someone give me some suggestions.

Packed into 3 batches, each containing of 3 sausage rolls, 1 crabstick bun and 1 pretzel, to mum, my friend MY, and us.

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