Friday, December 5, 2008

Iced Korean Campbell Grapes

Remember my posting on Iced Grapes?  I'm using the Korean  Campbell grapes this round and with the skin on.

The verdict:  Marvelous, tasted like iced wine without the alcohol.  This idea was from bro, he went to Korea last month, bought the grapes, kept in fridge, which fridge was set too cold, the grapes turned into ice, he told me how tasty it was, of course I gotta mark it myself.

These grapes tasted like kyoho 巨峰 grapes from Japan, we seldom see kyoho in Malaysia, I believe it is too expensive to import as it is oledi quite expensive to consume in Japan.

I went to this place - Katsunuma near Tokyo (actually not so near, it is about 112.5km from Tokyo and we took about 2 1/2 hours by train) 6 years ago with hubby.  It is a vineyard, thus full of all types of grapes all over the hills, with beautiful sceneries.  There were lot of farms put on big sign of 巨峰食之放題, which meant "eat all u can of kyoho grapes".  We paid 1000 yen each, the farm keeper passed us 2 containers n scissors, we were able to chose, plucked/cut and down a few bunches of kyoho grapes.  That was the 1st time we tasted kyoho grapes, and both of us loved it since then.

Here r some photo we took from this beautiful place.

Look at those grapes...

A closer view, looks so big and delicious, right?

Grapes that we cut down fresh from its tree, posing before getting into our tummy :)

A cute grape bus we found near the train station.

See what I mean, this was how much it cost in Japan, which is about RM207 for 1 bunch!!!

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3lilangels said...

You've got me salivating.... what a great experience at the vineyard!