Sunday, December 7, 2008

An Eventful Sunday!

Sent little girl with her little cousin Y to an art n craft class at MFAH @ Atria. They enjoyed the work very much, SIL and me decided to sign them up for a 4 lessons course.

Here is what little girl did in her 1st class:

a plane using paper cups and card boards

a closer view of the propeller

Brother and Big Girlie picked us up after their class, we headed to The Curve for lunch, shopping and snapped lot of photo on its X'mas decorations.

Little girl called herself "My Melody" with a new hair bend SIL bought her

We watched the 食尚玩家 last nite, their 美食侦探 (food spy) 浩角翔起(阿翔&浩子)introduced this restaurant at Hainan Village in Port Klang, brother was drooling over the food they showed (especially the grilled crabs), thus with his determination, we were having our dinner there.

Pa carrying baby J, Big Girlie and ma enjoying the sceneries at the water front of the restaurant

Little girl said this hse is very cool as ppl may park their boat in front and walk straight to the hse :)

The beautiful nite view

As for the food review, delicious, really worth the long drive! Big Girlie took photo of the food, I'll update her link once she post it after her exam. Here is her posting.

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