Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Singapore Fried Beehoon Bento (217)

I went to Singapore last Sat (a day trip, left at 10am, and back by 1.30am), attending my cousin sister's funeral.  My cousin sister, Julia, aged 47, had passed away in her sleep last Wed.  At the beginning, my aunt preferred us not to travel for the funeral, but my sis, bro & I decided to send cousin sis her last journey.  Hope u r by God's side & rest in peace, Julia.

Sunday was a tiring day, well, I didn't do anything at all, as I slept very late and didn't sleep well after the funeral, I was feeling terrible and tired for the whole day.

Luckily SIL volunteered to cook porridge for the kids' (little girl, picky eater Y and baby J) lunch on Mon morning b4 she left to work, I kept some for little girl's bento, but the forgetful me had forgotten to snap a pic of it, thus I didn't post up anything yesterday.

As for this morning, thought of frying a simple version of Singapore fried beehoon (aka rice vermicelli) 星洲炒米 at mum's place, but as I'm not familiar with mum's kitchen & wok, the beehoon turned out mushy and quite blunt.  The kids were having a hard time swallowing the beehoon :p

Singapore fried beehoon with a big ketchup heart

3 orange wedges

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