Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pickled Daikon Leafs 雪菜

Been seeing a lot of vegetable sellers selling local radish/daikon with leafs this few weeks.  I bought 2 of it last Tue, had the radish for soup, whereas the leafs, I pickled them.

I love eating xue cai noodle 雪菜麵, and I'd order a bowl whenever I visit any Esquire Kitchen or Shanghainese restaurants.  I'd been eager to try out pickling the vegetables myself after seeing lots of bloggers or website stating that it is very easy and simple, thus when I saw those greens on the daikon, I bought them instantly.

I used Carol's recipe to pickle those daikon leafs by adding just 1 ingredient => salt.  Her recipe called for only 1/2 tbsp of salt but the forgetful me put in 2 tbsp!  The pickled veggie has turned into salted veggie at the end (n_n)

Daikon leafs and salt

Sprinkle salt to washed & air dried leafs

Wrap in a clean plastic bag, place into refrigerator for at least 3 days

Pickled daikon leafs, a week later