Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 Colors Maki Bento (216)

Waked up 1/2 an hour earlier than usual, to prepare this bento in fast forward x 2 speed, then rushed over to mum's place with little girl to take care of the 2 nephews as mum & dad went to Hainan Island, whereas bro & SIL left to work.

I was still sleepy (slept late again last nite) & too lazy to use the stove, thus dig out those handy ingredients in the fridge to help prepare this bento.  Surprisingly the maki was rolled within 20 minutes, with no failure at all, rushing & speedy may have thing works sometimes :p

3 colors maki which r combination of cucumber, ham and cheese, 3 grape tomatoes and some cucumber sticks

Note of the day with Poke Ball

It is a holiday here 2moro, thus there won't be any bento posting, we r heading down to Seremban later, so Happy Wesak Day!

Read from the newspaper that Gordon Ramsay will be cooking a vegetarian meal for our PM, for those who wanna try his cooking or check him out, don forget to visit Buddhist Maha Vihara in KL, happy Wesak day!


Lia Chen said...

So pretty! Love the color combination. You have been drawing Pokemon theme ... What is your daughter's favorite character? My kids even have the Pokemon dictionary and remember everything about each character. God ... kids nowadays LOL :D

kel said...

Thanks, Lia Chen. Oh yes, my girl has the dictionary (one of her fav book to bring to toilet :p) too, she'd point to me the character she wanna me to draw everyday, sigh... tough skill for me...
She likes those cute looking characters, don have any specific so far :)

HK Choo said...

Looks like a blossoming bouquet to me, those maki. :)

kel said...

Thank u, HK.

Adegea said...

You are an inspiration for me. My daughter loves your notes, so I have started to do my own little bentos and adding a note for her. In Spain she only has breakfast at school, so my food is very simple.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

kel said...

Hi, Adegea, thanks again for ur sweet comment & pls say 'gracias' to ur daughter too :)

Both of you really boost up my bentoing ego :p