Thursday, June 3, 2010

70's Chinese Songs

I watched this 王牌大名星 variety show by accident yesterday, 吴宗宪 and 侯佩岑 was interviewing 刘家昌, a man who wrote lots & lots of beautiful songs during the 70's.

I was still studying in primary school when I was introduced to these songs by my then teenage elder sisters, however, I was surprised that I still able to remember the lyrics and able to sing along while watching the show.

I search thru YouTube, found some of the songs he sang during the concerts he held at HK and Taiwan.  Let's listen to this, 在雨中, a very nice & popular song during those time, with 尤雅:

This one, 海鸥, I remember singing this song in school with friends, another beautiful & touching song, sang by Andy Lau in the concert:

This, 我家在那里, sang by 甄妮,  upon hearing this song again, I moderately remembered some movie clips, those acted by 甄珍 (his wife), 林凤娇 (wife of Jackie Chan),林青霞秦汉秦祥林邓光荣,etc.

For those who seldom listen to Chinese songs, I bet u'd know this song, sang by Teresa Teng 邓丽君,月亮代表我的心, and this 云河 :

Don u think songs from those days r so meaningful, beautiful & easy to remember?

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